Data Management Platform for Savvy Real Estate Investors

GoCanopy turns your trapped data into actionable insights

Leverage your real estate data for faster and smarter deal screening and underwriting

Unlock your trapped data

Real estate investors have extremely valuable but hard to use data, scattered between thousands of emails, PDFs, and Excels from investment memos, rent rolls, models...

How much time are you wasting looking for files, and then translating the content into usable data?

GoCanopy ingests and structures the information into a unified database, delivering the insights you need for better dealmaking

Actionable insights to drive faster and smarter decisions

Market vision

  • Get a map of all the assets you have ever received information about
  • Empower your screening process with quantitative data points
  • Assess investment / divestment opportunities faster & with stronger conviction

Tenants analysis

  • Build a comprehensive view of the rental market from all the rent rolls you have received
  • Empower your leasing assumptions, by assessing tenants' willingness to pay based on rates across multiple assets
  • Identify and mitigate risks from likely-to-leave tenants, based on their regional footprint and leases term

Market comparables

  • Get the most relevant market comparables within minutes, instead of days
  • Analyse and value investment opportunities
  • Value your portfolio and assess it over time

ESG Performance

  • Collect the ESG data to comply with SFDR regulation coming into force in Jan 2023
  • Provide the information needed by your investors and counterparts active in the EU
  • Track your assets' green credentials to reach a premium valuation, or to qualify as a green fund and support fund raising

How it works

Simplicity through GoCanopy technology

GoCanopy has developed an automated data extraction technology, which combined with human verification, ensures maximum speed and accuracy for a seamless integration into your processes.

Whenever you receive investment memos, rent rolls, models, simply:

  1. Forward the files to your dedicated GoCanopy's email address
  2. GoCanopy extracts and uploads the data into your unified database
  3. Automatically generate dashboards, comparables and reports

Why GoCanopy?

Unlock your real estate data to empower your decisions

An intuitive and easy-to-use website

An evolutive solution developed to meet your specific needs, automatically digest and view all your data from the consolidated level down to the single asset level

Meet our founders

Passionate team combining in-depth experience in private equity and data analytics

William He

William is a former Real Estate PE investor at Morgan Stanley and Davidson Kempner

Daniel Hernandez Assuncao

Daniel is a former investment banker at UBS and Rothschild & Co

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